Frequent Questions about Jazz in the Hills

Who can attend? There are NO AGE RESTRICTIONS, so everyone is welcome.

What kind of seating do you have? Seating is auditorium style in a “listening room” in rooms with atmsphere. By the end of the evening it’s likely you’ll have new friends… and will plan your next time at Jazz in the Hills together.

What’s a “listening room?” This is a place where jazz novices and aficionados join together to hear GREAT JAZZ! It’s an acoustically wonderful atmosphere where talking out loud IS DISCOURAGED but grooving is very much encouraged! It’s also an intimate environment where musicians are so close you can see them sweat, grin, and produce musical sounds so sweet you’ll cry. No kidding! I’ve seen it more than once!

What do I wear? Anything you like, provided your ensemble includes shirt, shoes and pants!

Do Jazz in the Hills artists sign autographs? Depends on the Artist. One thing is certain, patrons have unprecedented access and interaction with artists before, after, and/or between sets. That’s also a great time for Students to get tips or try to arrange a private lesson… back in the day I was bold and frequently did that. Jazz artists are normally very accessible and love sharing their mastery with students.