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Judy Roberts – Greg Fishman

Judy Roberts – Greg Fishman

Judy’s habit of shying away from key melody notes, her translucent tone, her sweet vocal colorings quickly disarm the listener. It’s the delicacy of her sound and subtlety of her phrasing that make her case, forcing listeners to listen a bit more intently than they would to brassier vocalists.

And then there’s her piano, plush in ballads, fluid in bebop, seemingly casual in delivery. Few singers play piano as adroitly as Roberts, and fewer pianists sing with comparable dexterity.

—from a review June 08, 2012|Howard Reich

Judy and Greg are “back in the neighborhood” and opening our season once again.

Sunday October 25, 2015 at The Emerson Art Gallery 2-4 PM

Leon J – Roots Series

American Crossroads Blues Review

Coming to Jazz in the Hills  – Fall Sunday Series

November 15, 2015

Join us to hear and see the evolution of American Music from the 1800’s to today

The Snowcat

Special “Holiday” family performance … of a different variety.
Sunday Dec 6th 2PM at The Emerson Art Gallery

Dmitri Matheny’s The SnowCat finds her companion and returns home to appreciate the beauty of nature, play music, and have fun with friends. She maintains hope, optimism and determination in the face of adversity; discovers the gentle power of sitting quietly; and embodies the spirit of sharing and gratitude that makes the holidays such a magical time.

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